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 (ăl′ə-păth′) also al·lop·a·thist (ə-lŏp′ə-thĭst)
One who practices or advocates allopathy.
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(ˈæləˌpæθ) or


(Medicine) a person who practises or is skilled in allopathy
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allopathy, allopath, allopathist - Another word for conventional medical treatment is allopathy; an allopath or allopathist is a physician.
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n alópata mf
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Those who want to practise here in the UAE have to undergo a rigorous test just as their allopath counterparts.
Dr Sircar, a local allopath, considered the "Hering" of India, was the first to learn this art in 1850 and started teaching to other fellows.
Most people in our study preferred the advice of allopath's, although ayurvedic and homeopathic medicines are also accepted by a large segment of participants.
Given our knowledge of the disease at present, in order to produce successful results regarding chronic pain, it is essential not only to rely on allopath medicine but also to take advantage of the perfect combination between it and the complementary methods, in a holistic approach.
1893) (involving allopath, plaintiff's expert, who testified against defendant homeopath).
Free treatment facilities include homeopath, allopath and tibb-e-unani with separate counters for male, female and children patients.
Allopath, naturopath, and homoeopath alike struggled for general acceptance.
Camp would have separate counters for female, male and children patients and three types of treatments facilities would be provided at the camp including homeopath, allopath and Tib-e-unani and it would be up to the patients to opt for any type of treatment facilities.
The most important question is this: Why bother treating patients with alternative medicine when you can refer them to the allopath for drugs?
allopath Fuller perhaps kept abreast of the medical discourse concerning