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 (ăl′ə-păth′) also al·lop·a·thist (ə-lŏp′ə-thĭst)
One who practices or advocates allopathy.


(ˈæləˌpæθ) or


(Medicine) a person who practises or is skilled in allopathy
allopathy, allopath, allopathist - Another word for conventional medical treatment is allopathy; an allopath or allopathist is a physician.
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n alópata mf
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Dr Nasim, an allopath, also practises Integrative Medicine that assimilates other streams of alternative medicine in his therapies following Dr Andrew Weil, the father of Integrative Medicine.
1893) (involving allopath, plaintiff's expert, who testified against defendant homeopath).
Free treatment facilities include homeopath, allopath and tibb-e-unani with separate counters for male, female and children patients.
Allopath, naturopath, and homoeopath alike struggled for general acceptance.
Camp would have separate counters for female, male and children patients and three types of treatments facilities would be provided at the camp including homeopath, allopath and Tib-e-unani and it would be up to the patients to opt for any type of treatment facilities.
The most important question is this: Why bother treating patients with alternative medicine when you can refer them to the allopath for drugs?
An allopath knows the exact dosage and composition of the medicine s/ he is prescribing.