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1. Occupying separate, nonoverlapping geographic areas. Used of organisms, especially populations of the same or closely related species.
2. Occurring among populations having such a distribution: allopatric speciation.

[allo- + Greek patrā, fatherland (from patēr, patr-, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots) + -ic.]

al′lo·pat′ri·cal·ly adv.
al·lop′a·try (ə-lŏp′ə-trē) n.
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(Biology) (of biological speciation or species) taking place or existing in areas that are geographically separated from one another. Compare sympatric
[C20: from allo- + -patric, from Greek patris native land]
ˌalloˈpatrically adv
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(ˌæl əˈpæ trɪk)

(of populations of the same or similar species) occupying separate ranges and unavailable for interbreeding.
[1940–45; allo- + Greek patr(ía) fatherland (derivative of patḗr father) + -ic]
al`lo•pat′ri•cal•ly, adv.
al•lop•a•try (əˈlɒp ə tri) n.
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Adj.1.allopatric - (of biological species or speciation) occurring in areas isolated geographically from one another
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
sympatric - (of biological species or speciation) occurring in the same or overlapping geographical areas
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By definition, allopatric and microallopatric divergence require long-term extrinsic barriers to dispersal (vicariant events).
I consider Anthidiellum breviusculum Perez to consist of two closely related, allopatric species: A.
Professor Doctor Zhang Faqi, North West Institute of Plateau Biology Chinese academy of Sciences China delivered his paper on Phylogeography and allopatric divergence of Lancea Tibetica (Mazaceae) on Qinghai Tibetan Plateau.
nux through allopatric speciation in forest refugia, as has been similarly hypothesized for African forest fruitbat species of the genera Myonycteris Matschie, 1899 (Nesi et al.
Microsatellite profiles also supported this allopatric inheritance: only a minority of private parental alleles from Colombia were common to local TcVI hybrids.
This status contradicts the rule of the allopatric distribution of the subspecies and does not explain as hybridization area as seen in Figures 1-2.
Cytogenetic and comparative morphology of two allopatric populations of Astyanax altiparanae Garutti & Britski, 2000 (Teleostei: Characidae) from upper rio Parana basin.
myops (eastern North America: Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts; after could suggest allopatric speciation, probably caused by several glacial periods in the history of the North American continent.
raja, an allopatric species known only from the Raja Ampat Islands, off the western tip of New Guinea (West Papua Province, Indonesia).