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1. Occupying separate, nonoverlapping geographic areas. Used of organisms, especially populations of the same or closely related species.
2. Occurring among populations having such a distribution: allopatric speciation.

[allo- + Greek patrā, fatherland (from patēr, patr-, father; see pəter- in Indo-European roots) + -ic.]

al′lo·pat′ri·cal·ly adv.
al·lop′a·try (ə-lŏp′ə-trē) n.
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(Biology) (of biological speciation or species) taking place or existing in areas that are geographically separated from one another. Compare sympatric
[C20: from allo- + -patric, from Greek patris native land]
ˌalloˈpatrically adv
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(ˌæl əˈpæ trɪk)

(of populations of the same or similar species) occupying separate ranges and unavailable for interbreeding.
[1940–45; allo- + Greek patr(ía) fatherland (derivative of patḗr father) + -ic]
al`lo•pat′ri•cal•ly, adv.
al•lop•a•try (əˈlɒp ə tri) n.
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Adj.1.allopatric - (of biological species or speciation) occurring in areas isolated geographically from one another
biological science, biology - the science that studies living organisms
sympatric - (of biological species or speciation) occurring in the same or overlapping geographical areas
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Four species of the Mustela, Martes zibellina (sable), Martes americana (American marten), Martes martes (pine marten), and Martes melampus (Japanese marten) are forest-dwelling carnivores that occur allopatrically in coniferous and deciduous forests in the Holarctic region (Ishida et al., 2013).
In contrast, in the ecological specialization through reproductive interference model, genetic divergence (speciation) occurs allopatrically and reproductive interference promotes habitat differentiation when the two already distinct species come into secondary contact [49, 50].
Burford (2009) concluded that the 2 lineages speciated allopatrically much earlier than the LGM and that they have subsequently expanded ranges to form an area of sympatry from central Oregon to northern California.
Detailed investigations, such as those of the present study, are revealing associations between sex-linked inversions, potential past mating trials and incipient speciation that has probably given rise to the currently allopatrically distributed and reproductively isolated species, S.
nitratoides and occurs allopatrically in the southwestern deserts to the east, displays less territoriality, is less aggressive toward conspecifics, and tends to have overlapping home ranges between and among sexes (Randall, 1989, 1991, 1993).
All lineages investigated are allopatrically distributed in separate hydrological basins.
petra the genetic divergence most likely occurred allopatrically. Whatever the reason for the genetic divergence among populations of P.