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Of or relating to the binding of a molecule to an enzyme at a site other than the active site, resulting in modulation of the enzyme's activity as a result of a change in its shape.

al′lo·ster′i·cal·ly adv.
al·los′ter·y (ə-lŏs′tə-rē) n.
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(Biochemistry) biochem of, relating to, or designating a function of an enzyme in which the structure and activity of the enzyme are modified by the binding of a metabolic molecule
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(ˌæl əˈstɛr ɪk, -ˈstɪər-)

of or pertaining to a change in the activity of an enzyme at a site other than the binding site of the substrate.
al`lo•ster′i•cal•ly, adv.
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By using three dimensional structure of the NS2B-NS3, an allosteric site has been identified in the protein.
The new paper by Tonks and collaborators importantly reveals an alternative binding site, called an allosteric site, that does not present the biochemical difficulties that the active, or "catalytic," binding site does.
Site 'Cl' does not belong to the catalytic region, but instead is an allosteric site, which is possible that modulates the activity of eNOS.
The Ii-Key motif from the Ii protein acts at an allosteric site adjacent to the MHC class II antigenic peptide-binding trough to enhance presentation of covalently linked epitopes 200-500 times in vitro.
CYP2C9-1R90 was bound with flurbiprofen, a classical substrate of CYP2C9, while CYP2C9-10G5 was bound with S-warfarin in an allosteric site. HM-1 was docked into both of these structures.