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One to whom something is allotted.


a person to whom something is allotted


(ə lɒtˈi)

one to whom something is allotted.
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According to audit reports, the allottee was supposed to pay Rs414.
The allottee, instead of building service apartments, built luxury apartments and sold them.
However, maintenance and repair on daily basis, as and when required by the allottee is being carried out, the official said.
He on the occasion enquired as why the agreement signed on July 15, 2009 could not be materialized despite passage of more than eight long years and that the private builders were reportedly found asking the allottee to get back the money deposited as initial cost and related expenditure.
When an allottee faced a physical problem with plots, such as legal obstruction or some other technical reasons, a revised allotment is made which is known as corrigendum,' a CDA official in Land Directorate explained to The Express Tribune.
When the DDA allots a flat, it receives a written undertaking from the allottee that he will not even change the exterior colour scheme of the building, let alone make any alterations.
See also Wood, supra note 131, at 739 ("Nearly all Indian land is held in trust by the United States, with the beneficiary interest residing in the tribe or individual Indian allottee.
An allottee Jagdish Prasad ( 87), a resident of Raja Garden, has already suffered two heart attacks.
Assigned as Yakama Allottee Number 861, his parents were Tashwict and Lacchiat.
29 % and previous allottee Monnet Ispat and Energy were in fray for the block that has a capacity to produce one million tonnes per annum.
It is worth mentioning here that NAB Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had already arrested Ijaz Afzal Khan, Director PDA, Ikaramullah Khan, Director PDA, Muhammad Jan, Deputy Director and Raz Muhammad Durrani allottee in the instant case, and the accused Qazi Laiq Director General PDA was on Bail Before Arrest (BBA) from the Peshawar High Court Peshawar since long.