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One to whom something is allotted.


a person to whom something is allotted


(ə lɒtˈi)

one to whom something is allotted.
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It was revealed before the court that notices sent to defaulters were returned on one pretext or the other including non-availability of allottees or their subsequent purchasers at the time of serving of notice, moving out of addresses available in NPF's record.
He said from out of a total of 3,268 plots in the scheme, 1,000 allottees withdrew their membership and got back their deposited money as a result of delay of over a decade in the scheme.
It was also decided by the CDA management that the first phase of residential area of the project would be developed, so that allottees be handed over the possession of their plots.
It has been also directed that in the first phase residential area of the project would be developed, so that allottees be handed over the possession of their plots and later on commercial area would be developed so that commercial plots be auctioned to facilitate the allottess of the project.
Meanwhile, CDA Board has approved the approved the revised the schedule proportionately extend by one year for allottees of Park Enclave phase-II.
This, however, has not gone down well with the titleholders and allottees since there was no directive to resurvey the land.
ISLAMABAD -- The Supreme Court on Wednesday referred the land disputes near Indian border areas to Border Area Committee (BAC) and directed the committee to decide the matters afresh within a year in accordance with law after hearing the allottees.
In the light of this discussion, I am of the view that allottees should not be misled into believing that PAF is not involved in this project.
I S L A M A B A D -- Allottees of sector I-15 have protested against the decision of collection of hundreds and thousands of rupees regarding development charges.
Affectees say PTI government has taken to excuses, dallying tactics like last government ISLAMABAD:The promises Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), made while it was in the opposition, regarding the resolution of the perennial issues of sector E-12 have proved hollow as the affectees and allottees of the sector still await compensation and allotment, Pakistan Today has learnt.
As many as 56 allottees will get their allotment orders after payment of their dues.
The agency responsible for the exercise, New Town Development Authority (NTDA), last week, availed the public of how some unscrupulous elements on the guises of land owners, the notorious Omo Onile, are continually made it difficult to ensure seamless process of allowing allottees to access their land.