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Verb1.allow for - make a possibility or provide opportunity forallow for - make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain; "This leaves no room for improvement"; "The evidence allows only one conclusion"; "allow for mistakes"; "leave lots of time for the trip"; "This procedure provides for lots of leeway"
yield, afford, give - be the cause or source of; "He gave me a lot of trouble"; "Our meeting afforded much interesting information"
admit, allow - afford possibility; "This problem admits of no solution"; "This short story allows of several different interpretations"
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w>allow for

vi +prep objberücksichtigen; factor, cost, shrinkage, error alsoeinrechnen, einkalkulieren; allowing for the fact that …unter Berücksichtigung der Tatsache, dass …; after allowing fornach Berücksichtigung (+gen)
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SB 503 (Figueroa), the CBA-sponsored legislation to delay implementation of mandatory peer review and to allow for flexibility in setting licensure fees and budgeting, made it to the governor.
The variable squeeze pressures allow for the production of harder molds, and the machine incorporates new technology in the squeeze station to reduce mold shift.
This section will explain what types of data can be entered into CWIS and what tools are built into CWIS to allow for metadata addition and manipulation.
The liberalized rules allow for accelerated depreciation deductions for qualified nonpersonal vans and trucks prospectively and, if timely applied, for previously fried applicable tax years.
Some backup software vendors have an option to allow for backing up directly to disk.
"While the Supreme People's Court has been aggressively taking steps to improve the quality of judges and case-management standards, the court system does not allow for the use of court precedent that would provide a valuable resource for judges in the application and interpretation of the law."
That metropolitan would assign the dissenting parishes to an alternate bishop to allow for the "healing of relationships."
The integration of toxicology and microarray end points in this database will serve as a prototype for toxicogenomic database design and execution and will allow for a more powerful analysis of the experimental data than is possible in the absence of such a resource.
Section 457 comprises the IRS provisions that allow for "non-qualified" plans--and that's the topic of this article.
The one word that has been used most to refer to the policies and strategies of the current government is "pragmatic." This pragmatism is expected to allow for a compromise solution on entry terms that offers a balance of benefits and risks.
HR systems allow people to manage their human resources in an efficient and effective way by reducing the reliance on spreadsheets and hardcopy files filled with staff information The program streamlines administration of human resource and employee benefits administration, thereby providing easy access to detailed information, which will allow for better management of these costs.