alluvial soil

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Noun1.alluvial soil - a fine-grained fertile soil deposited by water flowing over flood plains or in river bedsalluvial soil - a fine-grained fertile soil deposited by water flowing over flood plains or in river beds
alluvial deposit, alluvial sediment, alluvium, alluvion - clay or silt or gravel carried by rushing streams and deposited where the stream slows down
dirt, soil - the part of the earth's surface consisting of humus and disintegrated rock
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Immediately he began to descend from the upland to the fat alluvial soil below, the atmosphere grew heavier; the languid perfume of the summer fruits, the mists, the hay, the flowers, formed therein a vast pool of odour which at this hour seemed to make the animals, the very bees and butterflies drowsy.
The shores were in some places high and rocky, with low marshy islands at their feet, subject to inundation, and covered with willows, poplars, and other trees that love an alluvial soil. Sometimes the mountains receded, and gave place to beautiful plains and noble forests.
Every year the floods deposited a rich alluvial soil on this spot, where there should be no difficulty in growing osiers.
'The jute plant needs a plain alluvial soil and standing water which is easily available in Bangladesh and India,' he said, adding that jute was basically divided into three classes white jute, tossa jute and mesta jute.
'From the high density alluvial soil deposit to gemstone and mineral saturated crust, the land of Kogi State can sustain clusters of industries that can answer to the economic well being of the people and also make the state the nation's hub of agriculture and industrialisation.
Summer saw my grandfather's garden at its abundant best, whirring and buzzing with insects and radiating warmth from its black alluvial soil.
Now in an updated fourth edition, The New Wine Lover's Companion is a user-friendly reference to the world of fine wine, with alphabetical entries covering everything from "alluvial soil" (a type of soil prized in the viticultural world for the flavorful grapes it produces) to "Zinfandel" (a red-wine grape grown primarily in California).
The soil in the study area is an alluvial soil. Alluvial soil is formed by accumulated sediments transferred by the rivers and rapids, thus, it is amongst the most fertile soils.
Gama-Castro JE, Solleiro-Rebolledo E, Vallejo-Gomez E (2000) Weathered pumice influence on selected alluvial soil properties in west Nayarit, Mexico.
The country's rich alluvial soil, which grows most of the food the country consumes, is in danger.
Gohil says the rich alluvial soil in the region will be threatened by the proposed plant, which is simultaneously located only five kilometres from a lignite mining site.