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(ˈælmə) ,






an Egyptian dancing girl or singer, who entertains or mourns professionally
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This is where I found Almah Bernardino-Bautista, a tourism industry consultant, as passionate about the matter as I was (and still am), based on our FB posts and comments.
The romantic musical is based on the exchange of poems between King Solomon and his secret lover (Almah, a vineyard girl).
(26) As Jewish exegetes had pointed out, the Hebrew word used in Isaiah, 'almah, refers only to an unmarried girl of childbearing age.
(53) This edition also translated almah in Isaiah 7:14 as "young woman" instead of "virgin." The footnote explained that "The Hebrew word means 'a young woman of marriageable age'; it implies nothing one way or the other as to virginity." This reading was adopted by other early twentieth-century versions, but it would ignite the next controversy in English Bible history when the Revised Standard Version (1952) also adopted the reading.
Almah Avishai Cohen The former Chick Corea band bass player hit a sweet spot in 2011 with his Seven Seas album.
The translation of the Hebrew Scriptures made by Aquila, the disciple of Akiva in the second century, used Paleo-Hebrew script for every instance of the Tetragrammaton (see "Aquila" in the Jewish Encyclopedia), but Christians did not generally use it because he translated the almah of Isaiah 7:14 as neanis (young woman), not parthenos (virgin).
The second, "Moving Forward," applies Hoffman's method to five biblical phrases or passages: b'chol levaucha u-v'chol nafshecha (Deus 6:5); YHWH ro'i (Ps 23:1); ahoti kallah (Song of Songs, passim); lo tirtzach and to tahmod (in the Ten Commandments of Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5); and almah (Isa 7:14).
If I believe in a virgin birth for Mary, then I do not believe in what the text says: that an "almah"--a young woman of marriageable age--would conceive and bear a son.
Tararia, Almah (2003) Interview with this writer, Senior Lawyer, Environmental Law Centre, Port Moresby.
Later on, he examines the Hebrew text of the Bible to demonstrate how every English translation is inevitably an interpretationsometimes, a Christian apologetic interpretation, as when the Hebrew word almah in the Book of Isaiah is translated as "virign," rather than "young woman," in order to produce a Christological reading ("Behold, a virgin will conceive and bear a son ")
In July, Goldman Sachs Group filed suit against Almah LLC, a Moinian Group entity which owns 180 Maiden Lane, for a $3.1 million commission for finding a new tenant -- AIG Employee Services -- to occupy its space in 2008.
By depicting the long-term effects of trauma, Almah alters the discourse of psychoanalysis to include not only the African historical context but also the "memory traces of the experiences of former generations" (157) to which Freud referred.