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1. Having absolute power; all-powerful: almighty God.
2. Informal Great; extreme: an almighty din.
adv. Informal
Used as an intensive: almighty scared.
n. Almighty
God. Used with the.

[Middle English almighti, from Old English ealmihtig : eall, all; see all + mihtig, mighty (from miht, might; see might1).]

al·might′i·ly adv.
al·might′i·ness n.
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He said: 'Dearest people of Irepodun, Olorunda, Osogbo and Orolu local governments, today, we have gathered not to celebrate Bukoy but thank God Almightily and to celebrate ourselves for being the real achievers.
Mozart and his librettist Lorenzo da Ponte described the opera as a "dramma giocoso", a jolly drama - and you can see their point with a buffo servant, comic songs and outrageous deceptions, but, on the other hand, ladies suffering almightily from love and a supernatural visitor sending the main character to Hell.
Regardless of what your company makes, whether it's golf balls, the almightily hamburger, paint or something completely different, you need to make sure the silent blazing giant that is your industrial boiler is healthy and isn't the cause of any unwelcomed downtime.
Now with the grace of Almightily Allah Sunrise is standing with its own identity and grace among the brokerage house of Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE) and well reputed globally.