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1. Having absolute power; all-powerful: almighty God.
2. Informal Great; extreme: an almighty din.
adv. Informal
Used as an intensive: almighty scared.
n. Almighty
God. Used with the.

[Middle English almighti, from Old English ealmihtig : eall, all; see all + mihtig, mighty (from miht, might; see might1).]

al·might′i·ly adv.
al·might′i·ness n.
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He said Almightily Allah has gifted countless blessings to our nation.
The democratic government has made the country a nuclear power and we are capable of dealing with any challenge through the professional readiness and capabilities of Pakistan army by the grace of almightily Allah," said the PM while addressing
Although this probably comes down to the fact that I drop the most almightily huge hints - including walking him to shops and actually pointing at things I wouldn't mind as a 'surprise'.