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1. Having absolute power; all-powerful: almighty God.
2. Informal Great; extreme: an almighty din.
adv. Informal
Used as an intensive: almighty scared.
n. Almighty
God. Used with the.

[Middle English almighti, from Old English ealmihtig : eall, all; see all + mihtig, mighty (from miht, might; see might1).]

al·might′i·ly adv.
al·might′i·ness n.
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It did its thing and all politicians cowered before its almightiness until someone got up one day and said 'Enough!' The case went to court and the Supreme Court in April, 2007 okayed the prayers: INEC lacks the power to disqualify candidates submitted to it by a political party 'without a valid order of a court.' Since then, only the courts disqualify and INEC has known its limitations.
In the Tashkent City Administration, the Sarts have adopted a decree, saying that 'To take a vaccine against plague is a sin against the God's almightiness, one needs no treatment'.
The beauty and splendour of the day, of the offerings, call out directly to the almightiness of the recipient.
THERE is no doubt that our establishment's sometime hero Odysseas Michaelides has let his power go to his head and is increasingly displaying the traits of a petty tyrant that expects everyone to bow before his almightiness.
In the encyclical Quadragesimo anno from Pope Pius XI, issued in 1931, the refusal of any kind of governmental almightiness and totalitarianism can be seen in the area of law, state and politics, which are not compatible with freedom and human dignity.
My theory could be wrong, but even if it isn't, I think it's unfair to have a disproportionate number of congregants not represented in the Trinity, to never be referred to in Scripture or in prayer, to never be conceived of as possessing omnipotence, almightiness, or awe-inspiring creativity, to be impossibly unworthy of the very sacrificial love and unwavering devotion women give to their families, their relationships and their churches.
(26) David had to figure as an ideal example showing that even for one of the most noble characters from the Old Testament it was very hard, if not impossible, to come to a full understanding of God's almightiness. In the end everyone needed to learn to cope with this struggle and humbly submit to Him.