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One dependent on alms for support.


n, pl -men
(Historical Terms) archaic a person who gives or receives alms


(ˈɑmz mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person supported by or receiving alms.
[before 1000]
usage: See -man.
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One who begs habitually or for a living:
Informal: panhandler.
Slang: bummer, moocher.
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I, once so proud of my birth, I, the former swaggerer, bowed my head and became an almsman, with Robak, the Worm, for a name; since like a worm in the dust-- A bad example to my country, an inducement to treason: these had to be redeemed by good example, blood, and self-sacrifice--
Johnson, an almsman at Bonds Hospital in Hill Street, anxious to become the senior inmate poisoned his five older rivals with rat-poison.
Johnson's motive for killing, it was concluded, was an ambition to be the senior almsman in the Hospital.