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Four days later, in the room now known as the Lambeth Palace Guard Chamber, he patiently listened to Thomas Cramner and Thomas Cromwell's renewed demands to agree that "ye shall swear to bear your Faith, Truth, and Obedience, alonely to the King's Majesty, [...] and not to any other within this Realm, nor foreign Authority, Prince, or Potentate." (5) As he did so, More likely took renewed stock of his surroundings.
ALONELY hearts fraudster conned vulnerable women out of nearly PS200,000, a court has heard.
Almost 2years &21 surgeries later, family of the 12- year- old is waging alonely battle
According to Nevalainen (1991), the category had fourteen members at the beginning of the Early Modern English period: alone, alonely, barely, but, exclusively, just, merely, one, only, purely, singly, simply, solely and uniquely.
TIN GR TINKER BELL AND THE GREAT FAIRY RESCUE Cert U, 76mins lBp Alonely girl befriends Tinker Bell the fairy in this often pedestrian but occasionally magical kids' movie.
ALONELY farmhouse is available for rent and offers the chance for a movie-style retreat into the Northumberland wilderness.
In consideration whereof, me thinkes I haue good cause to wish, that lyke as other men, euen so the heroical wittes of Kinges and Princes, which for the most part are delited with heroicall stories, would carye about with them such monumentes of Martyrs as this is, and lay them alwaies in sight, not alonely to reade, but to follow, and would paint them vpon their walles, cuppes, ringes and gates.
Alonely comic-book fan begins to believe he really does have superhuman powers after agreeing to take part in a drugs trial.
He made her vow to get good at going it alone, "going alonely." Which he has done, too, and happily there is enough love in the world for him to fill this volume with those objects he's the master of.
At the end of March, she disappeared and was found on April 2 at alonely spot on Dartmoor after setting herself a light.
Bihar MLA killer finds only mother by her side in alonely legal battle
ALONELY farmer's son who blew off seven of his own fingers after making bombs to cure his boredom was jailed for seven years yesterday.