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 (ə-lông′shôr′, ə-lŏng′-)
Along, near, or by the shore.


adv, adj
(postpositive) close to, by, or along a shore


(əˈlɔŋˈʃɔr, -ˈʃoʊr, əˈlɒŋ-)

adv., adj.
by or along the shore or coast.
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If you take the word of those alongshore sharks against mine--' the other began thickly.
He attributed this phenomenon to the decrease in the clastic material supply from the northerly situated provenances combined with the development of a complicated current system, including alongshore currents, in the sea.
Simulated and observed reversals of wave-driven alongshore sediment transport at the eastern Baltic Sea coast, Baltica 26(2): 145-156.
Interaction of alongshore sediment transport and habitat conditions at Laguna La Mancha, Veracruz, Mexico.
5[degrees]C above average) from the fall of 2013 to 2015 would have allowed larvae to survive alongshore transport off the coasts of Oregon, Washington, and southern British Columbia.
The shorter distance of the spawning ground to estuary recruitment corridor at this time of year may possibly be a result of the influences of the offshore GOM hypoxia zone that shifts spawning aggregations into a narrow, alongshore corridor (Vaughan et al.
Here, visitors strolling alongshore can see the effects of wave action from a few hours ago superimposed upon rocks formed a billion years in the past.
But it was in the form of alongshore currents--riverlike currents that flow parallel, not perpendicular, to the beach.
Shore-normal transects were surveyed with RTK-GPS at roughly 50 m spacing alongshore.