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 (ăl′pən-hôrn′) or alp·horn (ălp′hôrn′)
A curved wooden horn, sometimes as long as 6 meters (20 feet), traditionally used by herders in the Alps to call cows to pasture.

[German : Alpen, Alps + Horn, horn (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see ker- in Indo-European roots).]


(Instruments) another name for alphorn


(ˈæl pənˌhɔrn)

a very long, powerful horn used by Swiss herders and mountaineers.
[1860–65; < German, =Alpen Alps + Horn horn]


[ˈælpənhɔːn] Ntrompa f de los Alpes


nAlphorn nt
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By this time, though, John Kenny will have switched to the alpenhorn.
One Basel radio station specializes in it (along with alpenhorn music).
And at some point during the week, he and his father will play the glockenspiel, blow the traditional alpenhorn and put on a flag throwing display at their three-star hotel.
Marketed under the Uniekaas brand name, the lineup includes Alpenhorn, a unique cheese with a distinct sweet, nutty flavor that is made from 100% cow's milk.
The soundtrack features period instruments such as the Hardanger, Lyre, Alpenhorn and Langeleik, and Old Norse vocals that are loosely based off of the Norse Eddur.
TWO hundred bunches of flowers, pounds 3000 in cash and a 6ft-long Alpenhorn are some of the bizarre things left behind in hire cars.
CHECK OUT Is that an alpenhorn in Hey, size queens, the your pocket?
Getting them to blow their own trumpet -or indeed alpenhorn -is notoriously tough.
I suppose a German market conjures images of forests, snow, reindeer and jolly drinking sessions in a bierkeller clad in lederhosen while blowing an Alpenhorn.
Also made from 100% cow's milk, Alpenhorn is the new Uniekaas cheese that is a marriage between Dutch Gouda and Swiss Emmental.