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 (ăl′pən-hôrn′) or alp·horn (ălp′hôrn′)
A curved wooden horn, sometimes as long as 6 meters (20 feet), traditionally used by herders in the Alps to call cows to pasture.

[German : Alpen, Alps + Horn, horn (from Middle High German, from Old High German; see ker- in Indo-European roots).]


(Instruments) another name for alphorn


(ˈæl pənˌhɔrn)

a very long, powerful horn used by Swiss herders and mountaineers.
[1860–65; < German, =Alpen Alps + Horn horn]


[ˈælpənhɔːn] Ntrompa f de los Alpes


nAlphorn nt
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And at the end of the interval you are summoned back to the Hall of Mirrors by a trio of Alpenhorns (such splendid instruments, but be careful how you step around them), and sounding just like Wagner's Rhinemaidens.
There will be alpenhorns up there, playing twice a day.
Mission employees sample the Swiss traditions of alpenhorns, cows, wine and cheese at festivals throughout the year in surrounding villages.
You might possibly be thinking of milkmaids with yokes over their shoulders to carry two buckets of foaming white milch, cable cars, yodelling, alpenhorns, The Eiger, the Jungfraujoch, funicular railways, Lake Geneva with its fountain, the covered wooden bridges of Lucerne, revolving mountain-top restaurants, tunnels bored and blasted under the Alps that have been engineering miracles since the moment they were first dreamed-up, the Reichenbach Falls where Sherlock Holmes improbably met his end, locked in mortal combat with his arch enemy Professor Moriarty.