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 (ăl′fə-fē′tō-prō′tēn, -tē-ĭn)
n. Abbr. AFP
A glycoprotein that is abundant in the blood plasma of human and other mammalian fetuses and is also present in the serum of people with certain diseases, such as liver cancer. Abnormal levels in maternal serum are associated with certain fetal abnormalities, including Down syndrome and spina bifida.
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(Biochemistry) a protein that forms in the liver of the human fetus. Excessive quantities in the amniotic fluid and maternal blood may indicate spina bifida in the fetus; low levels may point to Down's syndrome. Abbreviation: afp
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(ˌfi toʊˈproʊ tin, -ti ɪn)

a serum protein produced during pregnancy, useful in the prenatal diagnosis of multiple births or birth defects. Abbr.: AFP
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