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 (ăl′fə-bĕt′ĭ-kəl) also al·pha·bet·ic (-bĕt′ĭk)
1. Arranged in the customary order of the letters of a language.
2. Of, relating to, or expressed by an alphabet.

al′pha·bet′i·cal·ly adv.
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Adj.1.alphabetic - relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabetalphabetic - relating to or expressed by a writing system that uses an alphabet; "alphabetical writing system"
analphabetic - relating to or expressed by a writing system that is not alphabetic
2.alphabetic - arranged in order according to the alphabetalphabetic - arranged in order according to the alphabet; "an alphabetic arrangement"; "dictionaries list words in alphabetical order"
analphabetic - not alphabetic; "an analphabetic arrangement of letters"; "Jesperson's system of phonetic transcription is analphabetic"


adjalphabetisch; in alphabetical orderin alphabetischer Reihenfolge
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1809: Louis Braille, inventor of the alphabetic system for the blind which bears his name, was born in Paris.
They describe how to incorporate the instructional goals and foundations of this interactive strategies approach into language arts instruction; the goal of motivation to read and write; the development of alphabetic knowledge and understanding of how printed language relates to spoken language; the development of sight vocabulary; meaning construction; and the integration of these goals.
Hebrew speakers seeking a way to communicate in writing with other Egyptian Jews simplified the pharaohs' complex hieroglyphic writing system into 22 alphabetic letters, Petrovich proposed November 17.
Ahmad Bin Hilly, the Arab League Deputy Secretary General, said in a statement that the summit would be hosted by Mauritania, instead, according to the alphabetic order of the enlisted member states of the Arab organization.
The court said in its orders that federal and provincial governments should compile laws in alphabetic order and implement court order till February 17.
In 'A Palindromic Alphabetic Insertion' (WW, Nov 1982), we displayed a set of 3-letter palindromes of the form A-A, covering every combination from AAA, chief signet-bearer in the land of the Kens, under the Egyptian king Aspalut, through to AZA, a male given name of Hebrew origin meaning 'the noble'.
Hadley has offered teachers of students with visual impairments, other school professionals, rehabilitation practitioners, and other blindness service providers the opportunity to enroll in tuition-free introduction to alphabetic and contracted braille courses because of two iterations of a Braille Training Program grant from the Rehabilitation Services Administration, U.
The premise of this excellent historical account of multimodal composing practices and pedagogies is simple: Composing texts, even alphabetic texts, has always already been multimodal.
It will probably be based on alphabetic order so that on the first of the month only those with their surnames beginning with "A" will be seen on that day, on the second the "B" and so on.
This new edition contains both alphabetic and thematic indexes, extensive cross-referencing, and print and web references for each entry.
Olson to establish the model applied to the sound of speech and music (the alphabetic-phonetic system of writing that appeared around 750 BCE), then considers the "linguistification" of musical sound that proceeds from ancient Greek discussions of the nature of the physical material of speech and music, the origins of how human speech and musical sound were theorized with respect to the justification of specific privileged combinations of elements of each, how the grammatical discipline became a paradigm for the study of liturgical music, and evidence on the similarity in function of musical notation to alphabetic writing in the textualization of classroom performance.
Otherwise, local languages enjoyed a furtive textual existence as mere snatches of alphabetic writing in the interstices of imperial power: abecedaries, objects scribbled with indications of private ownership, etc.