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Noun1.alphabetic writing - a writing system based on alphabetic charactersalphabetic writing - a writing system based on alphabetic characters
orthography, writing system - a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
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with letters or Truegroups of letters in an alphabetic writing system.
Although the Neo-Hittite states of Syria continued to use Luwian hieroglyphs on their monuments, it is in this period that we find the beginnings of a world-altering development: the spread of alphabetic writing.
They discuss theories claiming that writing and literacy transform cognition and thus society from primitive to civilized, and that alphabetic writing precipitates a further transformation to (Western) rationality and modernity; they then turn to critiques of such theories, describing the types of evidence and inquiry brought to bear on testing the proposition that there is a causal relation between writing and reasoning, or between alphabetic writing and modern civilization.
However, there is also a difference between these two Indo-European languages in terms of their alphabetic writing system, as English has a deep alphabetic orthography and Spanish, a shallow writing system (Cook, 2010).
Alphabetic writing emerged centuries later in Phoenicia, then morphed into Aramaic, which morphed into Hebrew and Greek and later into the Roman alphabet we are using here.
Among their topics are Achaemenid propaganda and oral traditions: a reassessment of Herodotus' early Persian logoi, alphabetic writing in the Mediterranean world: transmission and appropriation, a cache of terracotta votives from Mendes: elements of popular religion in the Axial Age, medicine and mathematics in fifth-century Greece and the question of Near Eastern influence, and elite and non-elite transmission of culture and technology.
The earliest example of alphabetic writing was a clay tablet with 32 cuneiform letters found in Ugarit in Syria and dated to 1450 B.C., according to the Guinness Book of Records, not to mention the cuneiform tablets unearthed in Tal Mardikh which yielded written documentation of Ebla Kingdom.
My case studies tracked the journey from emergent to early or experimental alphabetic writing of four of the members of my class.
Compared with alphabetic writing, the process of reading and writing in Chinese is much more complex.
Modelling is the basis for alphabetic writing, its associations with mathematical code, and with other self-reflexive structures of the natural world (for example, crystals) and in various media.