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Noun1.alphanumeric characters - a character set that includes letters and digits and punctuationalphanumeric characters - a character set that includes letters and digits and punctuation
character set - an ordered list of characters that are used together in writing or printing
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The keys are a random string of alphanumeric characters that must be 81 characters long.
The license plates, which will be made of aluminum, are to be mounted on the front and rear of the motorcycle and must have alphanumeric characters big enough to be read at a distance of 12 to 15 meters.
The display features distinctive alphanumeric characters that are easy to view, both close up and at distance.
After the prefix, there are 12 digits (the 6digit industry code is listed twice) followed by up to 7 alphanumeric characters identifying product detail.
The small touch screen is also changing the way of typing alphanumeric characters on those devices.
Further, on devices without TouchID the PM shall retain the passcode minimum of four alphanumeric characters to authenticate to the native (non-secure) persona of the device.
Private motor vehicles and motorcycles will have plates with black alphanumeric characters on white background while public utility ones will retain the black-on-yellow design.
The marking process realizes marking of alphanumeric characters in the material form of the embossed depth of 0.
The material can be ablated with a wide variety of low power lasers including CO2, YAG, vanadate, fiber and UV to produce high-contrast linear and 2D bar codes and alphanumeric characters.
IBAN in Qatar will be 29 alphanumeric characters long consisting of four-character-long International Envelope and 25-character-long Basic Bank Account Number (BBAN).
In addition to standard alphanumeric characters, the ProMark T-800 incorporates a library of commonly used electrical symbols, and it provides full support for Polish and Russian character sets.
However, because the two-dimensional barcode can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information, its use is expanding in ways that could have information management implications.