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Variant of alpenhorn.
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(ˈælpˌhɔːn) or


(Instruments) music a wind instrument used in the Swiss Alps, consisting of a very long tube of wood or bark with a cornet-like mouthpiece
[C19: from German Alpenhorn Alps horn]
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cor des Alpes
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If locals give him whisky or money, tradition says it brings good luck to the town Freya Smith, three, leads a dinosaur puppet across a main road in Edinburgh to promote the show Dinosaurs Zoo, which is part of the city's Underbelly Fringe Actor Richard Gere, right, waiting owith 121 migrants after the craft waon the Open Arms boat in the Mediterranean as denied entry by both Italy and Malta Alphorn musicians take part in a festival in Vevey, Switzerland, that celebrates winemaking with a spectacular show and coronation of the vineyard hands Hot air balloons lift off in preparatiofor the weekend preparing to fly don for the first ever mass ascent at Bristol International Balloon Fiesta.
That evening we learned how to play the alphorn, a traditional musical instrument which is the emblem of Nendaz.
This touching composition will feature Taylor and Liz Deitmyer (alphorn).
In addition to the horn, he also played the Alphorn and could often be found in his yard or on the grounds of Carroll Lutheran Village serenading his neighbors.
To help mobilise the masses, overnighters in winter will automatically receive the William Tell Pass, good for use on the region's buses, boats, trains and cable cars, including the newly opened Stoosbahnen, Switzerland's steepest funicular railway that accesses family-friendly Stoos, a scenic alpine resort and home to 33km of piste (ski run of compacted snow), a new lady bug-themed hiking trail, cheese markets, and yodelling and alphorn concerts.
In Lucerne, walk along Chapel Bridge with its Water Tower where you might be greeted by a performance from a Swiss alphorn player.
Alphorn is a wind instrument used in the Swiss Alps, as a signal instrument by villagers since medieval times, sometimes substituting for the lack of church bells.
"Fjeldsang" begins with a piano introduction that recalls the harmonic series played by an alphorn, an instrument used in Scandinavia for communication in herding communities.
Blofeld had a Schilthorn Once again the altitude caused some problems - I used it as an excuse for my dismal efforts at trying to play the Swiss alphorn. I could manage a mournful low sound, but the duo who perform at the garden's restaurant can coax very atmospheric music from it - beautiful, if a tad funereal.
Settle back with a cup of tea, because today we're going to learn about something that's -- as Stephen Fry would put it -- Quite Interesting: The Alphorn. It's a musical instrument few have heard of and, unless you're a musical aficionado of the highest order, it's highly unlikely you've ever actually seen one, let alone heard it played; as the name would suggest, it isn't something one's liable to come across very often on our little Mediterranean island.
At the folk market in nearby Vevey, you can sample more local wines as you stroll along the lakeside promenade and watch costumed men playing the alphorn, a long tuba-like instrument that was developed in the Swiss Alps.