alpine gold

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Noun1.alpine gold - low tufted plant having hairy stems each topped by a flower head with short narrow yellow rays; northwestern United States
wild flower, wildflower - wild or uncultivated flowering plant
genus Hulsea, Hulsea - small genus of erect balsam-scented herbs; Pacific coast of the northwestern United States
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American Miller, 36, was bidding to become the oldest man to win an Alpine gold at a Games but was left hanging his head after finishing eighth.
Among the stars are Erik Carlsson, Rauno Aaltonen, Vic Elford, Timo Makinen and the Morley brothers, Donald and Erle, heroically chasing a Alpine Gold Cup hat trick.
HEATHER MILLS is setting her sights on Alpine Gold - but only because she thinks he's a Jewish millionaire.
Rebensburg weaved her way to the front with a dazzling second run to become Germany's first women's giant slalom champion in 54 years and second youngest Alpine gold medallist.