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"In order to ensure that all ballots will be read by the VCMs (voting counting machines) on election day, the Comelec will conduct ballot verification, with 250 VCMs verifying 64 million ballots and the target for the ballots to be verified per day is alsoone million," he added.
The shot is alsoone that repays close looking--hardly as flawless as a first glance might suggest, the work's natural greens and russets break down here and there into washed-out aqua and magenta as the camera's limitations become clear.
With nine offices in the UK alone, Rathbones also has a growing off shorepresence in Jersey, the British Virgin Islands and Singapore, giving clients peace of mind that, whileremaining true to the traditionalprinciples of the practice, it is alsoone step ahead when it comes totargeting new markets and areas ofgrowth.