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A putative language family of Eurasia including Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic.
1. Of or relating to the Altai Mountains.
2. Of or relating to Altaic.


(Languages) a postulated family of languages of Asia and SE Europe, consisting of the Turkic, Mongolic, and Tungusic branches, and perhaps also Japanese, Korean, and Ainu. See also Ural-Altaic
(Languages) denoting, belonging to, or relating to this linguistic family or its speakers


(ælˈteɪ ɪk)

1. the Turkic, Mongolian, and Tungusic language families collectively.
2. of or pertaining to Altaic or the Altai Mountains.
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Noun1.Altaic - any member of the peoples speaking a language in the Altaic language group
Asian, Asiatic - a native or inhabitant of Asia
Tungusic - any member of a people speaking a language in the Tungusic family
2.Altaic - a group of related languages spoken in Asia and southeastern Europe
Turkic, Turkic language, Turko-Tatar, Turki - a subfamily of Altaic languages
Tungusic language, Tungusic - a family of Altaic languages spoken in Mongolia and neighboring areas
Mongolic, Mongolic language, Mongolian - a family of Altaic language spoken in Mongolia
Korean - the Altaic language spoken by Koreans
Japanese - the language (usually considered to be Altaic) spoken by the Japanese
Ural-Altaic - a (postulated) group of languages including many of the indigenous languages of Russia (but not Russian)
Adj.1.Altaic - of or pertaining to or written in Altaic