altar wine

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Noun1.altar wine - used in a communion servicealtar wine - used in a communion service    
vino, wine - fermented juice (of grapes especially)
vin de messe
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They climbed in behind the organ and used broken glass, probably from bottles of altar wine which they had smashed, to cut parts of the mechanism which makes the organ work.
We could capture private investors and then apply these funds to the right projects," like in Ethiopia, where CRS has helped Bishop Abraham Desta of Meki cultivate a vineyard to produce 8,000 bottles of altar wine a year for the Catholic church there.
Today, three main companies inhabit the country's wine sector: market leader Tanzania Distilleries, Dodoma Wines and Cetawico Tanganyika Vineyards, which produce variants of dry white, red and natural sweet wine including the brands Dodoma, Imagi, Overmeer, Presidential, Altar Wine and Sharye.
It seems that the only altar wine allowed is "the pure juice of the grape naturally and properly fermented.
When these lordly men of God piously officiate at Christmas-time in their glorious churches and historic abbeys I shall permit myself the uncharitable hope that they choke on their Cremisan altar wine, if they have managed to get any.
The New York Times reports in its health section that anything from altar wine to beer pong can get you the flu.
The prize was bottles of wine, and Docherty, who had been despairing of being able to obtain any altar wine, was overjoyed (Pye 1995a).
It supplies De Muller Altar Wine, which originates from Tarragona, Spain, and it remains one of the few firms in the country to specialise in altar wine.
Altar wine on its way from the birthplace of Jesus to Birmingham has been stopped by border police because of claims it is a "security risk".
Traditionally, altar wine has been a fortified wine (such as port), on the sweet side and higher in alcohol (18-20 per cent) than table wine (about 12 per cent).