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1. A mounting for astronomical telescopes that permits pointing adjustments in both altitude and azimuth.
2. A telescope having such a mounting.


(Astronomy) an instrument for measuring the altitude and azimuth of a celestial body by the horizontal and vertical rotation of a telescope
[C19: from alt(itude) + azimuth]


(ælˈtæz ə məθ)

an instrument for determining both the altitude and the azimuth of a heavenly body.
[1855–60; alt (itude) + azimuth]
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Noun1.altazimuth - an instrument that measures the altitude and azimuth of celestial bodies; used in navigation
measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
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The instruments provided for the journey consisted of two barometers, two thermometers, two compasses, a sextant, two chronometers, an artificial horizon, and an altazimuth, to throw out the height of distant and inaccessible objects.
The first was that the mount was an altazimuth, which meant it was only suitable for short exposures of bright objects such as the Moon and planets.
Although in most cases the best observations are made through utilization of star patterns and celestial co-ordinates, a few observers have successfully recorded positions in altazimuth by using carefully machined, mounted and calibrated instruments.
77, 1:25 mm eyepiece (40x), eyes 2 : 9mm (111x), seeker: starpointer, mounts: altazimuth motorized tripod: aluminum.
The simple Newtonian reflector optical design, red-dot finderscope, and altazimuth mount on full-height stainless-steel tripod make it easy to navigate the night sky.