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Noun1.alternative birthing - a method of childbirth that avoids intrusive high-tech medicine in favor of more natural and homely settings
accouchement, childbearing, childbirth - the parturition process in human beings; having a baby; the process of giving birth to a child
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Alternative birthing practices, such as water births, placentophagia, and lotus births, are making news and gaining popularity.
But across the spectrum of those who attend deliveries - from obstetricians to certified nurse midwives to direct-entry midwives - there's no agreement on the safety and desirability of these alternative birthing practices.
Examples include alternative birthing classes such as HypnoBirthing[R], (5) Calmbirth[R], (6) Lamaze classes, (7) doula services (8,9) and numerous other natural birth options.
Miami, FL, July 18, 2014 --( Creative Bird Productions today announced the launch of its video documentary series, “Catchin' Babies,” which sheds light on alternative birthing options for women and attempts to remove the stigma attached to home birth.
Alternative birthing choices are effective and safe, allow professionally trained midwives to work, and provide women both freedom of choice and a personalized and rewarding birthing experience.
Femail looks at alternative birthing techniques that aid in pain- free labour

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