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conj. Informal


a short form of although



conj. Pron. Spelling.
References in classic literature ?
So I take the privilidge of the day, Mary, my dear--as the gen'l'm'n in difficulties did, ven he valked out of a Sunday--to tell you that the first and only time I see you, your likeness was took on my hart in much quicker time and brighter colours than ever a likeness was took by the profeel macheen (wich p'raps you may have heerd on Mary my dear) altho it DOES finish a portrait and put the frame and glass on complete, with a hook at the end to hang it up by, and all in two minutes and a quarter.
t rison al a altho cultur more compliant than my rison's Muslim-American adviser Zak says, although he too warns that could change if ISIS arrive.
But I have seen all along my Life, Such Selfishness, and Littleness even in New England, that I sometimes tremble to think that, altho We are engaged in the best Cause that ever employed the Human Heart, yet the Prospect of success is doubtfull not for Want of Power or of Wisdom, but of Virtue.
E Altho wit Ga aC Although the Black and Whites are still without captain Gareth Ellis due to an injury, Catalans are looking in far worse shape, squadwise, with the Dragons having received permission to register former Carpentras centre Arthur Romano in time for the Hull tie.
Altho squaws is Narragansett for woman or wife, it's now considered offensive.
O'Sulliva watching from and said yes "I didn't imme realise there problem altho heard the ing fro stew tha a r n was m home terday: ediately e was a ough I'd e shoutom the a rds at it was 714m race.
ALTHO L UGH she is part of this sort of boys club and world of espionage by working for the government, she hasn't got many friends in this world because she is resolutely honest - and that has really annoyed some of her slightly dodgier comrades.
Let's not j reminding that, altho him succe his demo Chan w" Let's not just keep reminding him of a role that, although it gave him success, also led to his demons.
Legenda FALLOON rec Black was was goin altho slig sta for Legendary photographer Ron Falloon recalls: "I could tell Ms Black was quietly confident she was going to be a success, although she seemed slightly nervous backstage as she prepared for her performance.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Altho SAS, Argru, Bret's, Campofrio Food Group S.
Chicago's American reported the Sox' February 1960 board meeting as having "had comic opera aspects altho [sic] the participants were deadly serious about the whole thing.
T]here has been a little slaying [sic] today altho there is not much snow on the ground--