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An instrument for determining elevation, especially an aneroid barometer used in aircraft that senses pressure changes accompanying changes in altitude.

[Latin altus, high; see al- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

al′ti·met′ric (ăl′tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
al·tim′e·try n.


the science of measuring altitudes, as with an altimeter
altimetrical adj
ˌaltiˈmetrically adv


(ælˈtɪm ɪ tri)

the science of measuring altitude, as by an altimeter.
al`ti•met′ri•cal (-təˈmɛ trɪ kəl) adj.


the science of measuring heights, as with an altimeter. — altimetrical, adj.
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Topographic Studies Will Be Performed in Stereo 70 for Planimetric and the Black Sea 75 for Altimetry System; Hydrologic and Hydraulic Study (If Applicable).
Doing altimetry accurately for very large areas is extraordinarily difficult, and there are measurements of snow accumulation that need to be done independently to understand what's happening in these places," said Smith.
These observations are said to be in good agreement with the altimetry data.
Retrieving vegetation height of forests and woodlands over mountainous areas in the Pacific Coast region using satellite laser altimetry.
The SWOT mission will use wide-swath altimetry technology to produce high-resolution elevation measurements of the ocean surface and the surface of lakes, reservoirs and wetlands.
For example, in Australian airspace all flights above 11000 feet are required to follow the altimetry procedure that requires the pilot to read the aircraft altitude in terms of flight levels instead of feet (ENR 1.
Marks, both of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Laboratory for Satellite Altimetry, created the seafloor topography map, and are currently a significant part of GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans).
DEMs can be obtained from contour lines, topographic maps, field surveys, photogrammetry techniques, radar interferometry, and laser altimetry (Peralvo 2009).
Altimetry and topographic factors demonstrate that Tabriz has been located at high levels of 1300-2000m.
Data from ice-penetrating radar and laser altimetry suggest that Lake Vostok sits on a major geological boundary.
The mission doesn't travel to both ends of the Earth for the scenery of course -- the airborne mission is there to collect radar, laser altimetry, and other data on the changing ice sheets, glaciers, and sea ice of the Arctic and Antarctic.