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An instrument for determining elevation, especially an aneroid barometer used in aircraft that senses pressure changes accompanying changes in altitude.

[Latin altus, high; see al- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

al′ti·met′ric (ăl′tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
al·tim′e·try n.


the science of measuring altitudes, as with an altimeter
altimetrical adj
ˌaltiˈmetrically adv


(ælˈtɪm ɪ tri)

the science of measuring altitude, as by an altimeter.
al`ti•met′ri•cal (-təˈmɛ trɪ kəl) adj.


the science of measuring heights, as with an altimeter. — altimetrical, adj.
See also: Heights
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2004) values are lower because laser altimetry measurements are biased away from outlet glaciers and low-elevation regions, which are known to contribute significantly to mass loss.
The bathymetry was obtained from satellite altimetry (Smith & Sandwell, 1997).
Their claim is based on intensive analysis of radar altimetry data collected by a European Space Agency satellite.
Topics will include tide gauges and instrumentation, data maintenance and quality control, reference frames and vertical land movements, satellite altimetry, extreme events and floods, measuring and modelling inter-annual sea level variations and trends, managing the sea level and public awareness.
Within this background, we wanted to see the consistency of data from the last GPS campaign with other results such as altimetry data and gravimetry in the area.
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The achievement of a geoid model for North America will be accomplished by coordinating activities between agencies and universities with interest in geoid theory, gravity, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), topographical density, altimetry, sea surface topography, leveling and vertical datum.
This project aims to acquire altimetry data for a deeper knowledge of the natural and cultural heritages with a view to a management more adapted to the protection of environments and landscapes.
Basic altimetry is well covered in various texts, but some aspects can be confusing.
There may be a significant data gap during which the only monitoring available will not be by 'weighing' but by 'looking' via laser or radar altimetry, photogrammetry or field studies.