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An instrument for determining elevation, especially an aneroid barometer used in aircraft that senses pressure changes accompanying changes in altitude.

[Latin altus, high; see al- in Indo-European roots + -meter.]

al′ti·met′ric (ăl′tə-mĕt′rĭk) adj.
al·tim′e·try n.
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the science of measuring altitudes, as with an altimeter
altimetrical adj
ˌaltiˈmetrically adv
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(ælˈtɪm ɪ tri)

the science of measuring altitude, as by an altimeter.
al`ti•met′ri•cal (-təˈmɛ trɪ kəl) adj.
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the science of measuring heights, as with an altimeter. — altimetrical, adj.
See also: Heights
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Both tide gauge sea level reconstructions and satellite altimetry show that the current rate of global mean sea level change is about 3 mm [yr.sup.-1], and both show that this rate is accelerating.
LiDAR is generally utilized to create maps with high-resolution, and with applications in seismology, laser altimetry, geodesy, airborne laser swath mapping, geomatics, laser guidance, archaeology, atmospheric physics, geography, forestry, and geomorphology.
The 25-year record is just long enough to provide an initial detection of acceleration -- the results will become more robust as the Jason-3 and subsequent altimetry satellites lengthen the time series.
Frank Bowlin has studied this enough, now, that he could qualify for an advanced degree in cold-weather altimetry.
developed a lunar global digital elevation model (DEM) CLTM-s01 with 360th order based on the 3 million effective laser altimetry observations acquired during the first official flight of CE-1.
On July 18, the FAA published an update to its list of "Cold Temperature Restricted Airports," those facilities at which cold-weather altimetry errors may be great enough to create hazards.
The powerful GNSS-R was originally put forward in 1993 by Martin-Neira [6] as a new technique for ocean altimetry. Since then, reflections of GNSS signals from different types of surfaces have been widely studied.
According to ( the second study , which measured changes in the thickness and height of ice using radar and laser altimetry instruments flown as part of NASA's Operation IceBridge campaign, the glacier lost between 984 and 1,607 feet in thickness from 2002 to 2009.
Currently, three sources of wave data are available for the research community, namely, direct measurements, modelling and satellite altimetry. The direct measurements (usually waverider buoys but also echosounderor ADCP-based devices) have provided high-quality, detailed variability of the major features of wave fields such as significant wave heights (SWH), wave periods and directions since the mid-1970s.
With the rapid development of satellite altimetry, altimeter data can widely be used to estimate the oceanic vertical deflection (Fu and Cazenave, 2000; Guo, Hu, Wang, Chang, & Li, 2015).