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n. pl. al·u·lae (-lē′)
A small joint in the middle of a bird's wing, homologous with the thumb and bearing three or four quill-like feathers. Also called bastard wing.

[New Latin, diminutive of Latin āla, wing.]

al′u·lar (-lər) adj.


n, pl -lae (-liː)
(Zoology) another name for bastard wing
[C18: New Latin: a little wing, from Latin āla a wing]
ˈalular adj


(ˈæl yə lə)

n., pl. -lae (-ˌli)
1. Also called bastard wing , winglet. a group of small, relatively stiff feathers at the inner end of a bird's wing.
2. a membranous lobe at the base of each wing of a dipterous insect.
[1765–75; < New Latin, diminutive of Latin āla wing; see ala, -ule]
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Noun1.alula - scalelike structure between the base of the wing and the halter of a two-winged fly
squama - a protective structure resembling a scale
fly - two-winged insects characterized by active flight
2.alula - tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wingalula - tuft of small stiff feathers on the first digit of a bird's wing
feather, plumage, plume - the light horny waterproof structure forming the external covering of birds
wing - a movable organ for flying (one of a pair)
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