aluminium foil

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Noun1.aluminium foil - foil made of aluminumaluminium foil - foil made of aluminum    
foil - a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal; "the photographic film was wrapped in foil"
Al, aluminium, aluminum, atomic number 13 - a silvery ductile metallic element found primarily in bauxite
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63 per kg on imports of aluminium foil from China to guard domestic players from cheap inbound shipments.
Instead of the recognisable line, "We'll never be royals," Weird Al changed it to "With aluminium foil.
biggest production facilities in Armenia and is the only producer of aluminium foil in the Caucasus and Central Asian regions.
Operatives of the NBI raided a warehouse turned shabu laboratory in Manila last week where they discovered wet crystalline granules that require further drying, innocuously, placed in aluminium foil tea bags.
Cooking with aluminium foil can have serious health risks, according to a new UAE study.
The European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA) announced the launch of its newly designed website, dedicated to providing comprehensive information on the European aluminium foil industry.
The move reflects the time and cost overruns in the company's newly-set up greenfield aluminium foil plant in the state of Gujarat.
Aluminium foil trays Many authorities in Wales, including Newport and Swansea, allow clean aluminum foil and food trays to be recycled.
MIDLAND firm Nicholl Food Packaging - the UK's largest aluminium foil container manufacturer - has snapped up a top German company as part of continental expansion plans.
The base material for the product is polypropylene and polyester spunbonded nonwoven while the surface layer is polyester aluminium foil in silver, gold or other colors.
Hertfordshire-based D2 Europack--the UK's sole supplier of Europack standard and bespoke aluminium foil, polypropylene and ovenable trays and lids to the ready meal and food service sectors--has announced the appointment of ALAN TAYLOR as Sales Manager.
Nicholl Food Packaging has bought Scottish aluminium foil tray manufacturer Watson & Watson in a deal which will take the group's combined sales to pounds 60 million.