Of, relating to, or containing aluminum or alum.


1. (Chemistry) resembling aluminium
2. (Chemistry) another word for aluminiferous
aluminosity n


(əˈlu mə nəs)

of the nature of or containing alum or alumina.
[1535–45; < French or Latin]
a•lu`mi•nos′i•ty (-ˈnɒs ɪ ti) n.
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Adj.1.aluminous - pertaining to or containing aluminum or alum
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This suggested that zeolites formed in the edges of basalt cavities did so at higher temperature and lower Si activity at the beginning of crystallisation, and that lower temperature zeolite species having more aluminous composition would form in the central part of the cavity Laumontite and stilbite formation can be attributed to the nature of the hydrothermal fluids related to the emplacement of plutons, which were probably more enriched in Ca, Ba, and Sr produced by a late event, taking into account that these zeolites usually appear illing fractures in basalts Similar laumontite and stilbite association has been reported by Dill et al, (2007) regarding zeolite formation in stockworks
Nanodispersion system is formed in the initial stage of hydration of binding phase (Portland cement, aluminous cements) (Kiricsi et al.
A top choice among tourists in search of a winter break, the city of Barcelona embraces the festive season with Christmas markets and an aluminous display with over 300 streets lighting up from late November to early January.
Export and import of portland cement, aluminous cement, slag cement: volume, structure, dynamics
We have received numerous messages from folks actively involved in developing products, especially block concrete, in aluminous pozzolanic systems, some of which are autoclaved to produce Al-tobermorite," she says.
Cement clinkers - Aluminous cement - Other hydraulic cement - White cement - Other Portland cement
The latest market data for this research include: - Overall cement market size, 2008-2019 - Cement market size by product segment, 2008-2019 - Growth rates of the overall cement market and different product segments, 2008-2019 - Shares of different product segments of the overall cement market, 2008, 2014 and 2019 - Market Potential Rates of the overall cement market and different product segments The product segments discussed in the data reports include: White Portland cement Other Portland cement Aluminous cement Hydraulic cements Cement clinkers The reports help answering the following questions: - What is the current size of the cement market in the top 5 American countries?
Feedstock will be shipped from the company s Meckering aluminous clay deposit.
The company has developed an entirely new approach to alumina extraction, a technique that starts with acid dissolution of a variety of ores--including aluminous clay, kaolin, argilite and nepheline--followed by selective precipitation, hydrolysis and then acid recovery.
Then I sponged or poured overall an aluminous slip that flashes to a rich orange in the woodfired kiln.
Composed of three fishing cabins draped in aluminous lighting, the seven-minute composition using a dynamic 360-degree lighting and sound system, sees light take on the role of dancer, and the music its composer, while hypnotically bringing spectators to the seas shore.
It is a fine, usually white clay formed by the weathering of aluminous minerals such a feldspar, a plastic clay mineral kaolinite.