aluminum bronze

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Noun1.aluminum bronze - an alloy of copper and aluminum with high tensile strength and resistance to corrosion
copper-base alloy - any alloy whose principal component is copper
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FERRISUL (anhydrous ferric sulfate) it also used successfully on commercial and phosphor bronze, nickel aluminum bronze, stainless steel, pure copper.
Manufactured in stainless steel and aluminum bronze materials, the valves offer positive bi-directional shutoff, direct mount automation and exceptional performance in both gas and liquid service.
In the current study, protective surface treatments for three copper products including two different phosphorus deoxidized copper metals (DHP) and one aluminum-copper alloy (aluminum bronze) were investigated.
The body material was nickel aluminum bronze and the stem packing was flexible graphite.
Double Ring Heads are now available in either stainless steel or manganese aluminum bronze in flat, crinkle, v-slice and various shredding configurations.
Standard in nickel aluminum bronze, as well as 316 stainless and 2205 duplex stainless, CodeLine reciprocating pumps offer 90 percent minimum efficiency at any discharge pressure, thereby lowering the per-gallon cost of process water.
Historically, aluminum bronze dust stops have been used on most internal mixers.
Aluminum bronze alloys in a range of hardnesses and tensile/yield strengths for mechanical wear applications in guide, leader and ejector pins, bushings, slides, gibs, wear plates and unscrewing mold components.
The company offers total disassembly, ultrasonic testing of major components for cracks, thermal spraying of the ram with stainless steel, thermal spraying of the cylinder packing area with aluminum bronze to rebuild to origininal diameter, and remachining of guide ways and other machined surfaces.
High-conductivity, beryllium-free copper alloys for core and cavity making, and aluminum bronze alloys for wear applications such as slides, wear plates, gibs, bushings, and ejector sleeves.