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Noun1.aluminum business - manufacturers of aluminum considered as a groupaluminum business - manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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By increasing our in-house capacity for calcined coke production, Rusal will be able to gradually abandon the supplies from third parties and cut costs by $8 million a year," said Evgeny Nikitin, head of Rusal aluminum business.
By restarting a portion of the Warrick smelter, we will provide an efficient source of metal for the co-located rolling mill and help it meet an anticipated increase in production volumes," said Tim Reyes, president of Alcoa's Aluminum business unit.
Last month, the company emerged as the winner in the court supervised auction to acquire the Noranda Aluminum business.
7 percent drop in 2015 net profit on Sunday, as lower metal prices at the state-owned investor's aluminum business forced it to take impairment losses.
The Noranda Aluminum Executives have decided to make use of Chapter 11 to ensure cost reduction and ascertain economic feasibility for their big smelter in Missouri, and might go for disposal of the company's flat-rolled aluminum business as well.
com twitter account will display information on items for the Stainless Aluminum business.
The deal is the largest ever for Hart, who bought the Reynolds aluminum business from Alcoa (AA.
The facility, which was acquired by Aleris when it acquired the downstream aluminum business of Corus plc in 2006, employs 64 people and supplies coated aluminum coil for building and construction, transportation, distribution and consumer durables applications.
Under the "Passion Project" consolidated business plan, which runs from 2006 through 2008, SDK is proceeding with structural reforms of its aluminum business by expanding high-value product lines, such as aluminum cylinders for laser printers.
The company also said it will form a joint venture with the Sapa Group of Norway's Orkla ASA that would combine its soft alloy extrusion business with Sapa's Profiles extruded aluminum business.
A spokesman for Corus said, ``It is just Moody's reflecting what has happened with our aluminum business.
Southfield, Michigan, for the sale of the aluminum business of its subsidiary, Teksid S.