aluminum chloride

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Noun1.aluminum chloride - a chloride used as a wood preservative or catalyst
chloride - any compound containing a chlorine atom
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Table 1: Effect of aluminum chloride, quercetin, and [alpha]-lipoic acid (ALA) treatment on oxidative stress indices in rat brain.
BOSTON -- Aluminum chloride, a chemical found in rocks and as ancient as the earth itself, still can control hyperhidrosis for many people when used correctly.
Aluminum chloride (Al[Cl.sub.3]) has been reported to induce oxidative damage and to inhibit the activities of antioxidant enzymes [5].
Normally, metal salts such as aluminum sulfate (alum), ferric sulfate, ferrous sulfate, ferric chloride, and poly aluminum chloride as coagulants and compounds such as sodium aluminate, bentonite, sodium silicate (active silica) and various cationic, anionic and non-ionic polyelectrolyte as coagulant aids are used in water treatment to remove turbidity (Alipour, 2002).
In order to purify the water, the officials have used high quantity of Poly aluminum chloride powder.
Two Egyptian projects won the 2nd rank equally on the production of polyethylene, aluminum chloride for treatment and water purification, and a project on production unit for the recycling of industrial waste.
In addition, aluminum chloride and ferric chloride may be used in clay-in-water solutions to form emulsifying agents for the synthetic asphalt and modified synthetic asphalt mixtures.
Dove clinical protection does not contain aluminum chloride, an acidic ingredient, or alcohols such as ethanol, which can cause skin irritation and discomfort.
Philip Moore, an Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientist, has found that aluminum chloride helps minimize the nose-prickling vapors that tend to concentrate in and around swine and dairy facilities.
* Using such a prescription-strength antiperspirant as Certain Dri Antiperspirant Roll-On with 12% aluminum chloride a few times per week at night.