aluminum hydroxide

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alu′minum hydrox′ide

a crystalline, water-insoluble powder, Al(OH)3 or Al2O3∙3H2O, obtained chiefly from bauxite: used in the manufacture of glass, ceramics, and printing inks, in dyeing, and as an antacid.
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Noun1.aluminum hydroxide - white crystalline compound that occurs naturally as the mineral gibbsite
gibbsite - white crystalline mineral consisting of aluminum hydroxide; a constituent of bauxite and a source of alumina
hydrated oxide, hydroxide - a compound of an oxide with water
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Furthermore, in the past nine months, 188,956 tons of alumina powder, 112,708 tons of lime, and 321,225 tons of aluminum hydrate were produced by Iran Alumina Company.
SDK is currently producing aluminum hydrate and alumina for chemicals at its Yokohama Plant and is selling the product mainly in the Japanese market.
Based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the two sides, Iran's Alumina Company will export 100,000 tons of alumina powder and 100,000 tons of aluminum hydrates within 20 months to Tajikistan.