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Noun1.aluminum industry - manufacturers of aluminum considered as a groupaluminum industry - manufacturers of aluminum considered as a group
industry - the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise; "each industry has its own trade publications"
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Ranil Vitarana, Chief Innovation Officer of MAS Holdings said, "This is a homegrown sustainable solution for wastewater treatment with far reaching environmental, industrial and economic benefits for both the textile and aluminium industries as it has the potential to eliminate solid-waste from the aluminum industry that would have otherwise been disposed and is instead converted to a wastewater treatment material and eliminates the importation of other wastewater treatment material.
Choosing 'Shaping the Future of Aluminium in the Arab Region' as the theme of this much-awaited conference, Arabal 2019 will shed the light on a number of pressing topics to include 'impact of current economic challenges on the aluminum industry', 'outlook for the global aluminum industry in light of depressed LME prices', 'energy efficiency and its impact on energy costs, 'environment, sustainability and recycling' and most importantly 'Bahrain post Line 6'.
oil and gas industry from surpassing its competitors and that Texas oil and gas accounts for more than twice as many jobs as the national steel and aluminum industry.
aluminum industry and threatening the nation's national security.
The remarkable growth in the aluminum industry translates the great strides taken across the country's non-oil sector over the past 10 years, Wam news agency said quoting industry analysts.
Ampco-Pittsburgh Corporation's (NYSE:AP) wholly-owned subsidiary, Union Electric Steel Corporation won a contract worth USD4.4m, to supply rolls a new hot rolling mill installation by Zhongwang (Yingkou) High Precision Aluminum Industry Co Ltd (Zhongwang Aluminum), a manufacturer of high-end aluminium flat-rolled products in China.
Iran is seeking $10 billion to develop a domestic aluminum industry that could export 60 percent of its production to meet growing global demand for the metal used in cars and beverage cans.
The dynamic News section that features the latest stories from mines to smelter and beyond now covers a wide range of aluminum industry end user segments, including transportation, electrical, packaging, construction, and others sectors.
For his part, the Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of Emirates Global Aluminium , Abdullah bin Kalban said that "ARABAL" Conference is one of the important conferences in the march of the achievements of the Gulf states in the aluminum industry estimated his country's investments in this area about 18.4 billion dirhams ($ 5 billion) in the period between 2015 to 2020, bringing the total investments of the United Arab Emirates in this sector since 2006 to 73.5 billion dirhams ($ 20 billion).
This high-profile conference will discuss the current and the future challenges for the aluminum industry. "The three-day event will provide opportunities to discuss industrial integration of aluminum in the Gulf region," said Khaled bin Saleh Al-Mudaifer, Maaden CEO, here Thursday.
ASIF IQBAL DOHA ARABAL, the conference dedicated to the Arab aluminum industry, will officially be inaugurated in Doha on Wednesday by Minister of Energy and Industry His Excellency Mohammad bin Saleh al Sada.