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(Elements & Compounds) trademark a hard material composed of fused alumina, used as an abrasive and a refractory
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Noun1.alundum - a substance made of fused alumina
alumina, aluminium oxide, aluminum oxide - any of various forms of aluminum oxide occurring naturally as corundum
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The specimens were initially heated up to 300 [degrees]C at a pre-set heating rate in an alundum tube, and then held isothermally for 35 min at 300 [degrees]C in the thermal insulation baffle.
The [V.sub.2][O.sub.5] x n[H.sub.2]O films were obtained by the sol-gel method [8, 13, 15]: the vanadium pentoxide powder was placed in an alundum crucible and kept in a muffle furnace for 1 hour at a temperature of 900[degrees]C.
Further on, ZnO-Zn NPs were annealed in the alundum crucibles on air at the temperature of 773 K within 1 hour in the chamber electric furnace.