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A gray mineral, chiefly KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6, used in making alum and fertilizer.

[French, from alun, alum, from Latin alūmen.]


(Minerals) a white, grey, or reddish mineral consisting of hydrated aluminium sulphate. It occurs in volcanic igneous rocks and is a source of potassium and aluminium compounds. Formula: KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6
[C19: from French alun alum (from Latin alūmen) + -ite1]


(ˈæl yəˌnaɪt)

a mineral, a hydrous sulfate of potassium and aluminum, KAl3(SO4)2(OH)6, commonly occurring in fine-grained masses. Also called al•um•stone (ˈæl əmˌstoʊn)
[1865–70; < French alun (< Latin alūmen alum1) + -ite1]
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The greater solubility of alunite may partly reflect its large surface area in comparison with jarosite (Table 1), although some of the alunite surface area may be attributed to the presence of contaminating kaolinite.
Mineralisation occurs disseminated in a matrix of alunite, barite, quartz and in a minor proportion, in thin and irregular veins.
Processes have been developed to treat off-grade high silica bauxites, clays, alunite and other alumina-containing minerals.
China Visit (Sean Murphy) was another on the gallops, as he strode out alongside West Order and Alunite.
Azerbaijan, since before the revolution of 1917, has been an important oil and gas producer and is also a producer of iron ore, alunite, alumina and aluminium, copper, molybdenum, lead and zinc.
Silica and alunite is extensive near sulphide veins and fault zones.
If a mineral, such as alunite, is ascribed to a mine, such as the San Jose at Oruro, it is not automatically ascribed to the larger entity (Oruro).
With the exception of fossil fuels and radioactive minerals, which have never been part of the Geological Survey's responsibilities, the Survey has concentrated on exploration for such mineral deposits as those of phosphate, bauxite, alunite, perlite, zeolite, nepheline-syenite, vermiculaite, diatomite, asbestos, feldspar, refractory clays, magnesium, titanium, etc.
Pepa, being investigated by Bridger Resources Inc., has some 10-15 north-south gold-bearing veins with free gold, barite, quartz and alunite.
Savoire Vivre and Best Of The Bests were locked together in their exercise and Divine Task (Frankie Dettori) showed in front in his spin with Alunite and West Order.
The rhyolites of Champasak Province are altered to pyrophyllite and kaolin (often occurring together as the hard material pagodite, used for carvings) and, probably, alunite.
Marhoob, Divine Task and Alunite were next to emerge from a small representation from the Moulton Paddocks outfit, the trio only being asked to finish upsides.