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n. alveolalgia, complicación postoperativa de una extracción dental.
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In previous study reports many terms have been used for Dry socket such as localized osteitis alveolalgia alveolitis sicca dolorosa septic socket necrotic socket localized osteomyelitis fibrinolytic alveoliti.4 Alveolar osteitis has been recently defined as postoperative pain inside and around the extraction site which increases in severity at any time between the first and third day after the extraction accom- panied by a partial or total disintegrated blood clot within the alveolar socket with or without halitosis.4
dry socket are; alveolar osteitis alveolitis sicca dolo- rosa alveolalgia osteomyelitis or fibrinolytic osteitis postextraction osteomyelitis syndrome fibrinolytic alveolitis and localized alveolar osteitis.12