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n. alveolalgia, complicación postoperativa de una extracción dental.
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In previous study reports many terms have been used for Dry socket such as localized osteitis alveolalgia alveolitis sicca dolorosa septic socket necrotic socket localized osteomyelitis fibrinolytic alveoliti.
dry socket are; alveolar osteitis alveolitis sicca dolo- rosa alveolalgia osteomyelitis or fibrinolytic osteitis postextraction osteomyelitis syndrome fibrinolytic alveolitis and localized alveolar osteitis.
1 It has also been referred to as alveolar osteitis, localized osteitis, alveolalgia, alveolitis sicca dolorosa, necrotic alveolitis, localized osteomylitis, and fibrinolytic alveolitis.