alveolar artery

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Noun1.alveolar artery - a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies the alveolar processalveolar artery - a branch of the maxillary artery that supplies the alveolar process
alveolar process, alveolar ridge, gum ridge - a ridge that forms the borders of the upper and lower jaws and contains the sockets of the teeth
arteria, arterial blood vessel, artery - a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
arteria alveolaris inferior, inferior alveolar artery - the alveolar artery that goes through the mandibular canal to supply the lower teeth
arteria alveolaris superior, superior alveolar artery - the alveolar artery that supplies the upper teeth
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The anterior superior alveolar artery is a branch of the infraorbital artery, which comes from the maxillary artery; and the anterior superior alveolar vein is a tributary of the pterygoid plexus (Jones).
Last but not least, positioning the window according to this technique would usually prevent the clinician from encountering the posterior superior alveolar artery [26,27], thus minimizing the risk of damaging it.
There is still possibility to study of this canal in living subjects by introducing the dye into the inferior alveolar artery. This may provide more information about this canal.
The submental artery is an offshoot of facial artery; it starts near the submandibular grand, goes internally, along the inferior face of mylohyoid muscle with the mylohyoid nerve, and ends in mental region, making anastomosis with the ramifications of anterior alveolar artery.