alveolar resorption

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Noun1.alveolar resorption - wasting of the bony socketalveolar resorption - wasting of the bony socket    
periodontal disease, periodontitis - a disease that attacks the gum and bone and around the teeth
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A delayed implant approach might be taken when there is minimal periodontal support or in case of thin biotypes to avoid alveolar resorption. In case of thick biotypes immediate implant placement can be done with predictable results.
Position Implant position and alveolar bone resorption Height Position Angle Alveolar resorption Incisor Premolar Molar Table 2: Dental implants on bacterial adhesion.
Rehabilitation of edentulous posterior maxilla with dental implants is a challenging problem in oral and maxillofacial surgery due to alveolar resorption and excessive pneumatisation of maxillary sinus that follows teeth extraction.