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at all times: She is always late.
Not to be confused with:
all ways – every manner possible: In all ways he is kind and just.
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 (ôl′wāz, -wĭz, -wēz)
1. At all times; invariably: always late.
2. For all time; forever: They will always be friends.
3. At any time; in any event: You can always resign if you're unhappy.

[Middle English alweis : alwei, always (from Old English ealne weg : ealne, accusative of eall, all; see all + weg, way; see wegh- in Indo-European roots) + -es, adv. suff.; see -s3.]
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(ˈɔːlweɪz; -wɪz)
1. without exception; on every occasion; every time: he always arrives on time.
2. continually; repeatedly
3. in any case: you could always take a day off work.
4. informal for ever; without end: our marriage is for always.
Also (archaic): alway
[C13 alles weiss, from Old English ealne weg, literally: all the way; see all, way]
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(ˈɔl weɪz, -wiz)

1. every time; on every occasion; without exception: We always sleep late on Saturday.
2. all the time; continuously; uninterruptedly: The light is always burning.
3. forever: Will you always love me?
4. in any event; if necessary: I can always decide not to go.
[1200–50; Middle English alwayes, alles weis, genitive of alle wei; Old English ealneweg=eal(ne) all + weg way]
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If something always happens, it happens at all times. If it has always happened, or will always happen, it has happened forever or will happen forever.

When always has one of these meanings, it is used with a simple form of a verb.

If there is no auxiliary verb, always goes in front of the verb, unless the verb is be.

Talking to Harold always cheered her up.
A man always remembers his first love.

If the verb is be, you usually put always after it.

She was always in a hurry.

If there is an auxiliary verb, you usually put always after it.

I've always been very careful.

If there is more than one auxiliary verb, you usually put always after the first one.

She had always been allowed to read whatever she wanted.

Be Careful!
When you use always with this meaning, don't use it with a verb in a progressive form. Don't say, for example, 'Talking to Harold was always cheering her up'.

If you say that something is always happening, you mean that it happens often. When you use always like this, you use it with a progressive form of a verb.

Why are you always interrupting me?
The bed was always collapsing.
She's great – she's always laughing and smiling.

Be Careful!
Don't use 'always' in comparisons, negative sentences, or questions to mean 'at any time in the past' or 'at any time in the future'. Instead you use ever. For example, don't say 'They got on better than always before'. You say 'They got on better than ever before'.

It was the biggest shooting star they had ever seen.
How will I ever manage to survive alone?
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Adv.1.always - at all timesalways - at all times; all the time and on every occasion; "I will always be there to help you"; "always arrives on time"; "there is always some pollution in the air"; "ever hoping to strike it rich"; "ever busy"
2.always - without variation or change, in every case; "constantly kind and gracious"; "he always arrives on time"
3.always - without interruption; "the world is constantly changing"
4.always - at any time or in any eventalways - at any time or in any event; "you can always resign if you don't like it"; "you could always take a day off"
5.always - foreveralways - forever; throughout all time; "we will always be friends"; "I shall treasure it always"; "I will always love you"
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2. forever, ever, for keeps, eternally, for all time, evermore, for good and all (informal), till the cows come home (informal), everlastingly, till the end of time, till Doomsday We will always remember his generosity.
4. as a last resort, in the end, whatever happens I could always go back into the Navy or something.
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بِصُورَة دَائِمَة وَمُتَكَرِّرَةدَائِماًدائِمَاً
luôn luôn


[ˈɔːlweɪz] ADVsiempre
as alwayscomo siempre
nearly alwayscasi siempre
he's always latesiempre llega tarde
he's always moaningsiempre está quejándose
you can always go by traintambién puedes ir en tren
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[ˈɔːlweɪz] advtoujours
She's always late → Elle est toujours en retard.
He's always moaning → Il est toujours en train de ronchonner.
you could always ...
You could always try again → Vous pouvez toujours réessayer.always-on [ˌɔːlweɪzˈɒn] adj [internet connection] → permanent(e)
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immer; (= constantly, repeatedly)ständig, immer; he is always forgettinger vergisst das immer or ständig; you can’t always expect to be forgivendu kannst nicht immer (wieder) erwarten, dass man dir vergibt
we could always go by train/sell the housewir könnten doch auch den Zug nehmen/könnten ja auch das Haus verkaufen; there’s always the possibility that …es besteht immer noch die Möglichkeit, dass …; there’s always that to fall back onwir können ja immer noch darauf zurückgreifen; you can always come along laterSie können ja auch noch später kommen
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[ˈɔːlweɪz] advsempre
as always → come sempre
you can always go by train → puoi sempre prendere il treno
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(ˈoːlweiz) adverb
1. at all times. I always work hard; I'll always remember her.
2. continually or repeatedly. He is always making mistakes.
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دَائِماً vždy altid immer πάντα siempre aina toujours uvijek sempre 常に altijd alltid zawsze sempre всегда alltid เสมอ her zaman luôn luôn 总是
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adv. siempre, para siempre.
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adv siempre; almost — casi siempre
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References in classic literature ?
"Yes," said the countess when the brightness these young people had brought into the room had vanished; and as if answering a question no one had put but which was always in her mind, "and how much suffering, how much anxiety one has had to go through that we might rejoice in them now!
Norwegian Anna, always dignified, looked at her reprovingly.
He knew this with certainty, as so-called eligible young men always know it, though he could never have brought himself to speak of it to anyone; and he knew too that, although he wanted to get married, and although by every token this very attractive girl would make an excellent wife, he could no more have married her, even if he had not been in love with Kitty Shtcherbatskaya, than he could have flown up to the sky.
"One, is always too many about me"--thinketh the anchorite.
Bertha (the Mother of Philander) and Agatha (my own Mother) always lived together.
Cecily was glad to see her, but the boys never hailed her arrival with over-much delight, because, since the dark began to come down early, Aunt Janet always made one of us walk down home with her.
And so they did; Harry was as clever at stable-work as a much older boy, and always wanted to do what he could.
That was the day when 'Adam Bede' was a new book, and in this I had my first knowledge of that great intellect for which I had no passion, indeed, but always the deepest respect, the highest honor; and which has from time to time profoundly influenced me by its ethics.
Ferrars, just so violent and so steady as to preserve her from that reproach which she always seemed fearful of incurring, the reproach of being too amiable, Edward was admitted to her presence, and pronounced to be again her son.
Weston was a man of unexceptionable character, easy fortune, suitable age, and pleasant manners; and there was some satisfaction in considering with what selfdenying, generous friendship she had always wished and promoted the match; but it was a black morning's work for her.
He encouraged him to regard Hindley as a reprobate; and, night after night, he regularly grumbled out a long string of tales against Heathcliff and Catherine: always minding to flatter Earnshaw's weakness by heaping the heaviest blame on the latter.
The Snow-daughter herself avoided him as much as she could, and always crept into a corner as far away from him as possible.