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 (ä′mən-dēn′, ăm′ən-)
Prepared or garnished with almonds: swordfish amandine.

[French, from amande, almond, from Old French almande; see almond.]


1. a protein found in almonds
2. a variety of French potato, known for its pale colour
3. a cosmetic cream made of almonds
served with a garnish of almonds


(ˌɑ mənˈdin, ˌæm ən-)

served or prepared with almonds: trout amandine.
[1835–45; < French; see almond, -ine1]


To cook or coat with almonds.
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Scott was booked for taking down Amandine Henry during the quarter-final victory over France, ruling her out of the last-four clash in Enschede on Thursday.
Last October he ran the junior race at the Bournemouth Marathon Festival with his mum Melena and his sister Amandine, 10, and he also raised money playing piano at a school concert.
Fatma, who started her singles campaign with a 6-3, 6-3 win over Amandine Cazeaux of France, will take on Arabela Fernando Rabener of Spain in the last eight stage.
The other four on the shortlist are: Gaelle Enganamouit (Sweden), Amandine Henry (France), Carli Lloyd and Becky Sauerbrunn (both USA) Little, 25, originally from Aberdeen, said last night: "It's nice to be individually recognised.
The classic recipe for fish amandine calls for freshwater trout.
One of the biggest draws are the bags of French spuds, with Amandine, Turbo and Agata varieties of potatoes available at under one dinar for a 1.
Amandine Jacques from France needed a 170 in the last game to make it through to the next round and she made it with a 189.
Irina Ramialison blanked Rai Sengupta 6-0, 6-0 to set the ball rolling after which Amandine Hesse of France secured a similar aACAybagel' score against Dubai-based Nigerian Blessing Anuna.
Place each trout on a plate and spoon amandine sauce liberally over
In Belgium, she leaves behind her brother, Roger Marx; her niece, Patricia Weber Leven; her nephew, Jean-Michel Weber; and her grand nieces and nephews, Amandine and Emilie Leven, and Quentin, Nicolas, and Charlotte Weber, all of Brussels, as well as family in Germany.
Nous avons encore de gros matches a disputer mais c'est une bonne maniere de debuter la semaine", a commente de son cote Amandine Henry sur OLTV.
NEW YORK CITY: "The old term is 'hermaphrodite,'" says director Josh Hecht, describing the title character of the new musical Amandine, who would now be called "intersex" for having both male and female plumbing.