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n.1.(Chem.) A characteristic crystalline substance, obtained from oil of bitter almonds.
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AMARINE insurance firm has seen its profits sink in 2011 following a series of natural catastrophes including the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and flooding in Australia.
Harry - who dreams of being amarine biologist - also has a few concerns.
The announcement was hailed as "fantastic" by conservationists who have been campaigning for the creation of amarine reserve to protect some of the world's most unspoilt seas and coral reefs in the face of pollution, climate change and loss of species.
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The firm has secured major contracts for amarine and built environment centre at Llandrillo College's Rhos-on-Sea campus and for housing association work in North Wales.
Ski Instructor Captain Hugh Jones, from Glasgow, is on his 12th tour to Norway and has more than 20 years as aMarine under his belt.