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v. a·massed, a·mass·ing, a·mass·es
1. To gather together or accumulate a large quantity of (something): amass evidence; amass a fortune.
2. To be the site of (an increasing mass), especially as a result of neglect: How long has the desk been amassing bills?
To come together; collect: troops amassing on the border. See Synonyms at gather.

[Middle English, to accumulate, from Old French amasser, to assemble : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + masser, to gather together (from Latin massa, lump, mass; see mass).]

a·mass′a·ble adj.
a·mass′er n.
a·mass′ment n.
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the act of amassing
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 accumulation; the result of amassing, e.g., money. See also heap, mass, pile, stack.
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However, for a governor from Western Kenya, all that matters is amassment, or so it seems from probes by anti-graft detectives.
Sandiganbayan where the SC in this earlier case explained that the nature of the conspiracy charge and the necessity for the main plunderer for whose benefit the amassment, accumulation and acquisition was made.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- China rebuked President Donald Trump for his Twitter-conveyed alarm over the amassment of troops near Hong Kong, stating the US should mind its own business and let China's domestic affairs be.
Citing an example, the chairman said the casino pays around $45 million taxes on slot machines each year while the amassment shops only pay $5 million a year to the treasury.
Let us imagine that the allegation against Badeh of scooping those billions of commonwealth into personal pouch was true, could those personal wealth and amassment have saved him from the helplessness of Nigeria's indolent security structure, at a time when those miscreants demanded his life?
"Success should be seen as the little achievements that someone makes as a result of working toward their goals in life and not the amassment of wealth," she argues.
It is defined by an exclusively high-end fashion amassment, knowing that the color, trend, and design play an important role for fashion lovers.
* project characteristics: size, amassment with other structures, exploitation of natural resources, waste production, pollution and disturbances, accident risks etc.,