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v. a·massed, a·mass·ing, a·mass·es
1. To gather together or accumulate a large quantity of (something): amass evidence; amass a fortune.
2. To be the site of (an increasing mass), especially as a result of neglect: How long has the desk been amassing bills?
To come together; collect: troops amassing on the border. See Synonyms at gather.

[Middle English, to accumulate, from Old French amasser, to assemble : a-, to (from Latin ad-; see ad-) + masser, to gather together (from Latin massa, lump, mass; see mass).]

a·mass′a·ble adj.
a·mass′er n.
a·mass′ment n.


the act of amassing


 accumulation; the result of amassing, e.g., money. See also heap, mass, pile, stack.
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It is defined by an exclusively high-end fashion amassment, knowing that the color, trend, and design play an important role for fashion lovers.
The display at the Neue Nationalgalerie--which marked a turning point in de Rooij's career, as his first major project since the untimely death of his longtime collaborator, Jeroen de Rijke, in 2006--conveyed a sense of being not merely an amassment of fascinating things but a work of art.
Yesterday, Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and his US counterpart John Kerry discussed the problem of troop amassment on the eastern border of Ukraine.
project characteristics: size, amassment with other structures, exploitation of natural resources, waste production, pollution and disturbances, accident risks etc.
While De Quincey concedes that it is "vain to expect much energy in a direction which is habitually frowned upon by the Chinese [namely, colonization]" (180), the energy of amassment is nevertheless a source of concern for him.
Enrile, along with his co-accused, face a series of plunder and graft charges for their alleged years-long amassment of ill-gotten wealth.
It's also a process that can incur the overproduction of free radicals which can further lead to lipid peroxidation (LPO) since chick embryo development is associated with an amassment of polyunsaturated fatty acid in tissue lipids (Speake et al.