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 (ăm′ə-tûr′ĭsh, -cho͝or′-, -tyo͝or′-)
Characteristic of an amateur; not professional.

am′a·teur′ish·ly adv.
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Adv.1.amateurishly - in an amateurish manneramateurishly - in an amateurish manner; "he performed the piece amateurishly"
expertly, like an expert - in an expert manner; "he repaired the TV set expertly"


[ˈæmətərɪʃlɪ] ADV (pej) → de manera poco profesional


adv (pej)dilettantisch
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It was not only that they were ill-drawn, or that the colour was put on amateurishly by someone who had no eye for it; but there was no attempt at getting the values, and the perspective was grotesque.
A pre-starter of enoki mushroom soup was amateurishly garnished with a heap of parsley and the prefried onions used in low rent sushi.
The entire execution of the plan is amateurishly theatrical.
The Uzbek forward amateurishly misjudged the flight of the ball and went underneath the shot for the deflection that did not take place.
Five minutes later Lindelof surpassed his own incompetence, amateurishly missing an attempted guided header back to De Gea after a route-one kick by keeper Jonas Lossl.
It is thought that the athletes in these two branches may have done these sports amateurishly or as a recreation activity and they may have not applied a regular training program.
The volcanoes were amateurishly rendered; the shamrock barely worth mentioning except that it was there.
The economic uncertainty that Brexit created was magnified by the political risk that the leaders of the campaign - Boris Johnson and Michael Gove - amateurishly created by entering into selfish political infighting that revealed a lack of a vision and planning.
There are also many people who suspect that Erdogan is behind this very amateurishly led coup attempt.
While the majority of home collections represented a dozen or two amateurishly assembled plastic models, usually unpainted, without decals and with visible traces of glue, there were plenty of enthusiasts who created extensive and elaborate collections of models showing an extreme level of resemblance to their originals.
Having become accustomed to that reality after visiting many more Mediterranean destinations for work and leisure, I no longer amateurishly panicked.

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