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 (ăm′ə-tûr′ĭsh, -cho͝or′-, -tyo͝or′-)
Characteristic of an amateur; not professional.

am′a·teur′ish·ly adv.
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Adv.1.amateurishly - in an amateurish manneramateurishly - in an amateurish manner; "he performed the piece amateurishly"
expertly, like an expert - in an expert manner; "he repaired the TV set expertly"


[ˈæmətərɪʃlɪ] ADV (pej) → de manera poco profesional


adv (pej)dilettantisch
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It was not only that they were ill-drawn, or that the colour was put on amateurishly by someone who had no eye for it; but there was no attempt at getting the values, and the perspective was grotesque.
When I read the WSJ expose, I imagined how that ululating, tearful dirge that heralded the most sorrowful, most traumatic day ever in the life of my extended family some years back, had been amateurishly cloned and played in thousand homes across Nigeria.
Solskjaer should be more appalled that Young, the eldest player out there, so amateurishly ceded the ball to Messi around 30 yards from goal, though.
Just as his new and supposedly Palladian villa was "neither convincingly antique Roman nor authentically Palladian" for being an amateurishly selected collage of many different things not all related closely to Palladio, so his newly-altered pleasure ground was a haphazard hotchpotch of contemporary French, Dutch, and Italian garden features which he had presumably seen during his two Grand Tours.
Look out for my show, Scotland Today, in which I'll riff amateurishly for 60 minutes on the thing we all love and hate the most.
Although some of these videos are professionally done and technically impeccable, others are very amateurishly or primitively filmed (often from the back of the room) and it is all but impossible to hear most of what is said.
Congress needs to focus not only on how amateurishly Trump executes foreign policy but the clear shortcomings of the policy itself.
I was 16, and had amateurishly butchered my driver's license to make it claim I was 23 (licenses back in those days were paper, and could be altered with razor blades and sticky tape).
The plot and the dialogues are mediocre and amateurishly crafted.
The Uzbek forward amateurishly misjudged the flight of the ball and went underneath the shot for the deflection that did not take place.
Five minutes later Lindelof surpassed his own incompetence, amateurishly missing an attempted guided header back to De Gea after a route-one kick by keeper Jonas Lossl.

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