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v. a·mazed, a·maz·ing, a·maz·es
1. To affect with great wonder; astonish. See Synonyms at surprise.
2. Obsolete To bewilder; perplex.
To cause great wonder or astonishment: a sight that amazes.
Amazement; wonder.

[From Middle English masen, to bewilder, and from amased, bewildered (from Old English āmasod), both from Old English āmasian, to bewilder : ā-, intensive pref. + *masian, to confuse.]

a·maz′ed·ly (ə-mā′zĭd-lē) adv.
a·maz′ed·ness n.


the quality of being amazed
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Gandhi expressed his amazedness about these expressions emanating from responsible position of the Secretary of State.3
Factor analysis generated two dimensions, namely "theme of amazedness" and "theme of storyline".
According to the ANOVA results for sensation-seeking segmentation and customer themed-entertainment perceptions (Table 5), sensation-seeking segmentation significantly influences the "theme of amazedness" and "theme of storyline" factors in the customer-themed entertainment perceptions (p < .05).