1. A tree (Spondias cytherea or S. dulcis) native to the Pacific islands and grown in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible fruits.
2. The orange-yellow, egg-shaped fruit of this tree, eaten fresh or pickled, or used to make preserves. In both senses also called June plum.

[Sinhalese ämbarälla, from Sanskrit āmravāṭakaḥ, a kind of tree : āmraḥ, mango tree (from amlaḥ, tart) + vāṭakaḥ, diminutive of vāṭaḥ, enclosure, garden; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]
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Although busy with a catering job, the staff came over and put us at our ease, offering a choice of authentic Sri Lankan or local libations (we tried the sweet-sour antioxidant-rich ambarella juice).
In fact, Walden increased its investments in semiconductor companies and achieved great results in recent years in several portfolio companies such as Ambarella, Silergy, and GigaDevice.
a unit of Oppenheimer Holdings (NYSE: OPY), has hosted its inaugural drone day demonstrating the most recent drones in production and experts from leading private and public institutions such as GoPro, Ambarella, Yuneec International and Parrot SA, the company said.
Equipped with 1080p Full HD cameras, Ambarella chipsets, advanced video clear technology and Sony Exmor CMOS Image Sensors, the THINKWARE DASH CAM F770 also features Safety Camera Alerts using the built in GPS.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Valeo, Continental, Fujitsu, Ambarella, Clarion
There device is powered by an Ambarella A9SE chipset and features a 2.
Banana skins, ambarella peel (native to Polynesia) and chickpea husks have also been explored as alternative sources of gelling material.
7" CMOS color sensor with 12-Megapixel effective resolution and the Ambarella Cortex-A9 1GHz dual core DSP which generates clearer images with higher sensitivity and lower noise.
For plant species of economic importance, including citrus (Citrus species; Sapindales: Rutaceae), ambarella (Spondias dulcis Soland.
265 to cloud-based home monitoring and mainstream professional cameras, said Chris Day, vice president of marketing and business development at Ambarella.
Ambarella, for example, has focused on camera applications while Magnum Semiconductor has focused on broadcast video encoding.