1. A tree (Spondias cytherea or S. dulcis) native to the Pacific islands and grown in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible fruits.
2. The orange-yellow, egg-shaped fruit of this tree, eaten fresh or pickled, or used to make preserves. In both senses also called June plum.

[Sinhalese ämbarälla, from Sanskrit āmravāṭakaḥ, a kind of tree : āmraḥ, mango tree (from amlaḥ, tart) + vāṭakaḥ, diminutive of vāṭaḥ, enclosure, garden; see wer- in Indo-European roots.]
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* Ambarella, Inc.(NASDAQ: AMBA) shares gained 17.9% to close at $55.87 after the company reported better-than-expected results for its second quarter.
Morgan Stanley analyst Joseph Moore raised his price target for Ambarella to $60 from $52 saying that in a quarter perceived at risk, the company guided 20% above consensus for October.
First the user selects their preferred hardware (Raspberry Pi, Linux, Ambarella, Toradex etc.), then chooses an AI use case, for example a "pet classifier for a home security camera," a "person detector for a dash cam," or a "person segmenter for video conferencing applications." Because AI2GO models are designed to run in resource-constrained environments, Xnor provides the user with the novel opportunity to tune their model for latency (milliseconds) and memory footprint (megabytes) in order to fit within the user's set of constraints.
The platform is based on Ambarella's CV22AQ CVflow computer vision processor, which offers a powerful Image Signal Processor (ISP) and massive Artificial Intelligence (AI) computing performance with extremely low power consumption, typically below 2.5 watts.
They include Rhonda's camera SDK built on top of the low-level Ambarella system support package, allowing customers to speed up development cycles of complex custom cameras and embedded systems.
The F100 is equipped with an Ambarella A12 chipset and Sony Exmor CMOS image sensor that records full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second, a 135-degree wide viewing angle and a built in Active Impact monitoring system.
Walden's investments include Best Logistics, Creative Technology, JobStreet, Brandtology, HungryGoWhere, YFind Technologies, SINA, MindTree, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp., GoPro, AutoNavi, Inphi, Silergy Corp., Ambarella, Ndoors, Com2uS, SundayToz, iKang Healthcare, Sinosun Technology and Solaredge Technologies.
The RECON 1000 incorporates into its design the Ambarella A7 chip to ensure its optimal performance for law enforcement officers.
Although busy with a catering job, the staff came over and put us at our ease, offering a choice of authentic Sri Lankan or local libations (we tried the sweet-sour antioxidant-rich ambarella juice).
In fact, Walden increased its investments in semiconductor companies and achieved great results in recent years in several portfolio companies such as Ambarella, Silergy, and GigaDevice.
Inc., a unit of Oppenheimer Holdings (NYSE: OPY), has hosted its inaugural drone day demonstrating the most recent drones in production and experts from leading private and public institutions such as GoPro, Ambarella, Yuneec International and Parrot SA, the company said.