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'The Voyage and Ambassage of Master Henry Roberts to Mully Hamet Emperour of Marocco, Anno 1585, item 16 of 'A briefe Catalogue of the principall English Voyages made without the Straight of Gibraltar to the South and Southeast quarters of the world, contayned in the second part of this second volume, p.
Anderson's support for this is from John Leslie's A Discourse, conteyning A perfect Accompt given to the most vertuous and excellent Princesse, Marie Queene of Scots, And her Nobility, by John Lesley Bishop of Rosse, Ambassador for Her Highnes toward the Queen of England: Of his whole Charge and Proceedings during the Time of his Ambassage, from his Entres in England in September 1568 to the 26th of March 1572, repr.
For when the WORLD lies WINTER'D [below] / Against the STORMY in the storms gusts of WINTERS day (13.11) Of fearful consummation, and lays down Th' unsteady CHANGE of his To set a FORME vpon desired fantastic FORMS, CHANGE (89.6) Expecting ever to be overthrown; When the proud height of much affected sin Shall ripen to a head, and in that pride End in the miseries it did begin And fall amidst the glory of his tide; Then in a book where every work To thee I send this WRITTEN is WRIT ambassage / To witness duty, not TO SHEW my WIT (26.3-4) Shall this man's actions be reveal'd, TO SHOW The gainful fruit of Since what he OWES thee, thou wellemployed WIT, thy selfe doost PAY (79.14) Which PAID to heaven the debt that it did OWE.
After all, at least ten percent of the material in the second edition of the Navigations is antiquarian, and the majority of the "Ambassages, Letters, Privileges, and other necessarie matter of circumstance appertaining to the voyages" cannot precisely be classed as empirical observation of foreign lands.